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"This Is Living Waterloo" is committed to providing spacious houses to female students of the University of Waterloo. Our houses are located conveniently close to all amenities so that students can walk to school, while still on major bus routes. 

We own several economical houses in Waterloo that cater to students who want to live well, with all the aspects that "house living" allows for. Whether it is grilling a BBQ meal, sitting outside on the patio / porch, or just having fun with your friends, you will be happy with the economical and clean houses we provide. 
Please check out the photos of each house as well as the close-by amenities for each property for rent.

Our Houses

81 Helene Crescent
Awesome House with a large backyard!!!
18 Menno Street
Huge Private Backyard on Menno Street
76 Helene Crescent
Great View from the family room window.
16 Menno
Huge Private Backyard on Menno Street    

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Katherine Wade wrote: "Along with 4 other girls, I rented from "This is Living" for 2 years in a row. Ron and Diane have be..."

Julia wrote: "I rented a house with "This Is Living Waterloo" for the last 2 years and they are very clean houses,..."

Olenka wrote: "I lived in a Ron and Diane house for two years and never ran in to a problem. They were super accomm..."

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