Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please call us, and we can pick you up as we have a large van that can take 6 students to view one or more houses.
    • Think about cost, cleanliness, location, friendly knowledgeable and helpful landlords. 
    • How many people do you want to share a living space?
    • Can I choose my roommates and people that have keys to the building?
    • What is your rent budget?
    • How far you're willing to live away from campus?
    • How close is the nearest bus stop?
  2. We do want all tenants to sign one year leases with the option to renew for up to three years. We look for a group of students that would consider staying in the same house for more than 1 year and avoid the pain of moving and finding new roommates.
  3. Yes. We ensure that every house is clean prior to occupancy.
  4. No pets please.
  5. No smoking inside the house please.
  6. Yes. We can assist you with a generic sublet contract and tips on finding people to sublet.
  7. No, however we can assist you in making the necessary arrangements.
  8. Yes. Every house has at least 2 parking places.